What is geoportal?

Geoportal is used to find and access geospatial data and services.

The Philippine Geoportal also advocates the use of standard multiscale basemaps that serve as tools for strategic planning, decision making, situational analysis and other common requirements.

Discover Data

You can search for geospatial data using our map catalog or browse thru the data using our online map viewer.

Use Data

Download geospatial data for offline use or consume web services straight from your application.

Share Data

Got data you want to share? Use the map builder for uploading geospatial data and defining related metadata.


Map Viewer

A service that displays geospatial information for easy visualization

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Map Catalog

A metadata viewer used in searching for geospatial information using keywords

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Map Builder

A set of procedures for online uploading of geospatial data

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Map Apps

A collection of customized web mapping applications


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Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

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Basic Services Provision

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Agency Node Portal

AGENCY NODE PORTAL is a facility that will help the agency manage the buildup, hosting, and sharing of its own geospatial data to the Philippine Geoportal.

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